Sally Thomson

Sally Thomson – Teacher

The Gyrotonic® method will make you more aware of your body and therefore enable you to increase your flexibility, co-ordination, balance and remain injury free.

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Hi Sally, thank you so much for yesterday I found it really interesting, and have thought a lot about it today. I definitely felt a benefit- I feel looser, especially around my upper back and can definitely see the benefit for lots of people, young or old.

Your enthusiasm is totally infectious and I was impressed with the clarity and confidence with which you described and demonstrated exercises- you are a natural!!!

I will keep the Gyrotonic® method in mind for suitable patients

A. Bartup; Chartered Physiotherapist

Current student:

After a number of fruitless trips to the doctors trying to sort out my shoulder pains (including two Cortisone injections) I went to see Sally. I am so thankful that after only 4 weeks of gyrotonic sessions I started to feel a real improvement, and six weeks on, I have more mobility than I have had in a decade. Sally is extremely professional and very hardworking, she takes time to treat each client as an individual with unique needs. I cannot recommend Sally strongly enough.

Mrs Sullivan

Although popular in the US, I hadn’t heard of the Gyrotonic method until I found the Tatton House Studio. Having now had lessons with Sally for several weeks, I cannot recommend it too highly to anyone, of any age, who is in need of help. I suffered from muscle spasms and arthritis, which I put down to advancing age and lack of exercise, feeling little could be done about them. Vered and Sally gave me the confidence to begin a course at this lovely, serene Studio, and within a short time I feel a different, younger, fitter person. Sally is her own best advertisement for the exercise – endlessly encouraging, good-humoured, and sympathetic. Working on a one-to-one basis is obviously more expensive than a class, but is worth every penny of the reasonable charge. I’m ashamed to admit that Sally probably works harder than I do during the sessions! So why not try it for yourself? After all, it has mobilised me and even helped Andy Murray get to the Wimbledon final!

Mrs Mackay

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