What is Pilates

Pilates is a system of movement that scientifically proven to improve posture and core strength. The exercises targets the main muscles groups that help to support the skeleton to create a stable structure for the body to move. Long ago Joseph Pilates’ discovered what health professionals believe today; that poor alignment and muscle tension are the root cause of many health problems. Joseph Pilates’ trained boxers, businesspeople, firemen and opera singers to have better fitness, posture, coordination, freedom of movement and overall well being. At Tatton House Studio our mission is Joseph Pilates’ mission.

“You are only as young as the flexibility of your spin”

Over the years the Pilates system has been adopted and changed by lots of different training providers. My education journey has lead me to establish a combination of pathways of main approaches; modern versus classical.

As part as of my ongoing professional development I am a third generation Joseph Pilates’ mentored teacher, this has informed the philosophy in the studio to create a pathway from modern to classical Pilates training. I have created a pathway for students to progress from a clinical referral from a GP with our Pre-Pilates class called Physio Pilates delivered by a chartered Physio. When students feel able and teacher knows they are ready they can then move to our beginners classes, which are modern Pilates an adapted version of Pilates. Once again, when pupils are ready they can then move up a level to the traditional form of Pilates referred to as classical Pilates. We want to find the right level for you, through out this process one2one support is available for further learning.